Mens League

    This year we are bringing the OLD format back.

    The Thursday Night Fun Factor!

    Break up your summer work week with some fun with friends and mingle with your community.

    Make a team of 8-10 players (we will join teams up to fill spots if necessary)
    You can sign up as a single and we will find a team to put you on.

    League Fee’s

    $100.00 per player

    (Includes weekly hole prizes, chance at draw prizes, team prizes, windup scramble, and banquet)

    Shotgun start times

    • 9 holes (5:30 PM in Spring and Fall, 6:00 PM Mid Summer)
    • One 18-hole shotgun Stampede Week**
    • We will try and rotate front and back 9’s depending on number of teams and what works best with maintenance.


    18 holes riding - $65.00

    18 holes walking - $45.00

    9 holes riding - $40.00

    9 holes walking - $30.00

    GREEN FEE PUNCH CARDS (does not include power cart)

    24 pack of 9 holes - $650.00

    12 pack of 9 holes - $350.00


    This will be both a social and competitive league. “Match Play” format will continue like before, but there will be more “Team Event” nights throughout the season to win prizes. See Schedule for “Match Play” weeks, we need 4 Players from each team to play the matches. The spare Players will play in front or behind the Matches. If your Team and the Team you are playing against only have a couple of spares - you can combine the spares to make one group to help with pace.


    We are doing some Team Weeks throughout the season where you go out and play with your Team. We will come up with different games for these weeks. WE ALSO WILL BE DOING DRAW PRIZES THESE WEEKS (UP TO $500.00 IN PRIZES) FOR EVERYONE WHO IS IN ATTENDANCE THOSE NIGHTS. MUST HAND IN SCORECARD TO BE IN DRAW.

    Pace of Play

    If your group is slow kindly let faster groups through. We will continue to monitor slow play throughout the season and we will be coming out with scoring rules to help with pace of play in matches. Example: NO Provisionals, use point of entry and take 2 strokes and move on.


    When signing up we will need everyone’s handicap. Now if you don’t have Golf Canada we will be creating and updating 9-hole handicaps as we go. Please be honest when your handicaps adjust up or down. Let us know and we will make the changes during the season.

    Hockey Themed

    This is a fresh new start to men’s league, and we want to keep it going for years to come. We will be doing a draw or team purchase for what NHL team you will be. This team will be your team for future years.  $100.00 to buy a team.  We will pick teams at the Men’s night meeting.

    WEEKLY GAMES Shotgun Putt:

    Each week participants can buy tickets and enter the Shotgun Putt draw. Half of the evenings ticket sales go into a Jackpot. At the end of the evening a name is drawn, and the winner gets a chance to make a putt the following week to win the jackpot. The Putt will take place on the practice green and will act as the “Shotgun Start” for the evening.

    If the putt is missed, or the person whose name was drawn the previous week does not show up or are late (they cannot send a substitute putter) - the jackpot carries over to next week and so on. Nothing will make you feel more like a Pro than missing a short putt, for a lot of money in front of a live audience.

    Weekly hole prizes (included in entry fee)

    Ultimate 18

    $20.00 for the season (we will only be doing ultimate 18 scoring only on match play nights, this will make it harder to score).



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