PCGC would like to recognize the memorials throughout the course, prior to 2023. 

    Hole #5         Rick McCullough       Rock at Silver Tees

    Hole #6         Dolly Lyons                 Rock at Blue Tees

    Hole #9         Cecil Woods                Bench between Blue and White Tees   

    Hole #9         Ed Clarke                     25 poplar trees east of  Tees with Rock at base near the area   

    Hole #10       James & Pat Walls      Stones under West Blue Spruce plus Footprint of Dog Paw                 

    Hole #13       Joyce McNiece             Rock at Forward Tees in Flower Bed

    Hole #15       Pete Morrison              Rock at Forward Tees



    The Ponoka Community Golf Club gratefully accepts memorial or other cash donations from club and community members. We appreciate those that have donated in the past, but must keep in mind moving forward that the Ponoka Community Golf Course is for active play and is not considered a memorial site.
    The club will no longer allow the placement of specific memorials such as rocks or memorial tributes on the course. Cash donations may go towards the purchase of items from a needs list as established by the Board of directors. This list will be made up of items that are required for course enhancement or beautification, building renovations, as well as needed equipment.  Donors may ask that their donations be towards specific items. The names of donors will be
    displayed on the PCGC Website under Donations. A Sympathy Card will be sent out to the family from the PCGC board if notified of the passing. No notifications from PCGC will be sent through our email system. Fundraising for the deceased’s family will need to be done through a third party and not through the PCGC staff or board of directors.
    Written requests will be forwarded to the Board of Directors.  The Board will provide the potential donors a needs list for their consideration. The list will include such things as:
    • Required Equipment
    • Building Renovations
    • Course enhancement and/or beautification: e.g. benches, tree planting.
    Note: All memorials that have been placed prior to 2023 will receive recognition on the PCGC website and any benches/rocks/monuments etc., that are currently placed throughout the course, will remain in place until such time that maintenance is required to repair/replace the memorial, including any plaques. Notice will not be given to the donating families upon removal of any current memorials.